A Bucketful … of Snarky Snippets — Filosofa’s Word

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Why not feel s little Snarky with this price?

The Question Is … WHY? — Filosofa’s Word – “Wish we knew, are things changing so drastically?

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What we value here are Ethics

What you find on karmashadows blog will always be ethical.

Asides – 1

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Asides – No Talent for certainty

No Talent For Certainty

The men I meet don’t even try

What do you mean?

They don’t even try to see “me”.
They just want things.
It’s all, like, a big game

Doesn’t sound like a very fun game

It’s not.
I’m lonely.
Is it me?
Am I doing something wrong?

You? No.
You’re fantastic.
Any guy would be lucky
To date you

Then what is it?

It’s just… opportunity.
Somebody good will come along.
They will. They’re out there.

Well they need to come ashore then
Oh… and, um… Owen?


How did you know that
Janey was the one?
And don’t tell me
‘I just knew.’
I hate that answer

When I first saw her she was…
Just standing by a window.
I looked at her, and
I literally couldn’t breathe for a second.

Would you say the initial attraction
Was physical?

Sort of yes.
More… metaphysical.
I knew she was an…

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beauty devoid of thought — New Earth Heartbeat

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Ramana Maharachi – ‘Silence’

I read Ramanas post on ‘Silence’
and my first thought was that “There’s a lot to be said for Silence” . … Oops! But it’s true!.

I found this post with such a beautifully tranquil photograph on the New Earth Heartbeat Blog, which is well worth a visit. Actually I found it quite reassuring and it raised questions at the same time which I thought was quite paradoxical?.

How to Best Use a Social Media Quote and Why You Need To — Mostly Blogging

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Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging

If there’s one go to place for any or all blogging advice it is the author of this.