Checking aka Testing a Tablet Theory against that of a Standard Set-up.

I’m going to opt for the ‘sensible’, or ‘easier way’ to accomplish my goals of creating (well those that don’t involve the use of paint) and of course I won’t deny loving my Smartphones and Tablets but yes on this occasion I definitely think I should wait until I’m in front of a full sized monitor, with a 102 keyboard

Although I won’t deny that I do find slitting like this,
quite comfortably, cross legged on the floor shelf (aka carpet/mat) surrounded by tablets, the layout itself not altogether too different than having many Windows/Boxes open one single screen but without the overlap – actually, I’ve already mentioned that it’s so extremely comfy, and I’m a realist also, plus I like to play it safe, which on this occasion means simply that I’m having better odds 

Note to self: remove & replace later with something worth reading, or start thinking of ways to p
Just a thought….. I’ve been watching the Election Debate on BBC 1 (21:00-23:00hrs bst). I’m considering the situation of another Hung Parliament… I don’t know how many other people have already come to this conclusion, and just before the closing statements (one minute each on the clock)…
(I wonder if I could place a bet on that with William Hill?).

If you want real change, you will have *VOTE FOR IT!*
I wouldn’t like a party that needs propping up, nor one that would enjoy plunging the entire UK into yet another negative equity!. I’m not even concerned that the liberal democrats weren’t mentioned. Nor am I concerned that David Cameron didn’t take part,