When I first realised that I could produce a gravatar, which would hover around me wherever I visited on the web, I immediately took to the idea. I think the sites where a gravatae cannot yet be seen are three of the most popular social networking sites. Although there are plenty of popular social networking sites so the idea of being able to produce a gravatar of myself is extremely interesting and soon I imagine it will be “expected” to see a gravatar hovering alongside every user?.

Well, firstly I read the basic information written by the author of the information (add name of author/authors) and that it says that I could follow the instructions to produce my own gravatar. So… here goes. I think I can choose from using a photograph to start, or without a photo a graphic image would be generated. I must admit that I am finding this process of great interest, and I am defiantly looking forward to seeing the resuults. I’ve emailed myself several photographs that have been taken of me in the last three months, and I’m hoping that the results of producing my first gravatar will be fantastic. I’d like it to look ladylike and that shouldn’t be a problem as when I let my hair down, it is so long that it passes my waist.

Next, It’s 17.30gmt = one relaxing bath πŸ›, I can continue later this evening, laters karmashadow 🐺🐾🐾 Lynda x