Finding Myself Through Writing

When was the last time you tapped on a share button under a post you enjoyed reading? How fast do you respond to comments on your site? Do you follow back or LIKE on Facebook?

  1. I just recently realized how important those share button are at the bottom of each post. You know the ones I’m talking about don’t you? Twitter – Google – Facebook – Pinterest- the list goes on an and on. Comments and likes are great to receive, but if someone shares your content on another site such as these more and more traffic is led to your site. Just tap on that button and Volia! Your tweet or Facebook share or whatever you tapped on is on its way to the source with your site or name attached!
  2. Another important fact is how fast you respond to a comment or like on your site. Yes, we are…

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  1. Elle, I wanted to wish you a happy New Year but got bogged down. Yes, “belated” is because we only have two hands!
    Maybe Elle by 2150 we will evolve to having eight hands so we can use 4 keyboards at once? (Maybe some research on implants? ~ Wishing you a most tranquil April Elle, kind regards Lynda 🌸


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