Wow! Number 71 Great! I love the “Inspire Me Kinky Party” reads, especially when it puts the mockers on Mondays feeling miserable… yep me and the rest of the world population, don’t get me wrong, I like Mondays just fine… until about 4pm because the day starts to slow – but.. Janice seriously you help make the day a bit smilier (is that even a word? Nevermind LOL).

Ok leap years… isn’t this the day ladies can propose or similar? Oh NO,, not me.. phew! Re: “Blog Tours” How many types are there? Everyone seems to have their own ideas on the definition as I’m sure you’re well aware so I won’t bore anyone by listing them… well unless you’d really like me to? Laff 😉

**Imagine graphics around later (2 hands 4 keyboards)

I need to get my blogs & websites up and running in accordance with blah blah aims, referral program, associate thingiemibob etc etc or my traffic will not “Sky Rocket” and then I’d be sad.. very because firstly I love writing, and secondly I like the people I have contact with.. oh and thirdly I’ve got bills to pay good motivation isn’t it? Ok, question.. the best and fastest method although I realise the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but what is the best way to share and make aware on social media? Because it’s a leap year I may even make a profit? Well… I may see pigs fly first! But fingers crossed.

I think I’ve got my next blogging subject sorted, not too sure on where the States stand on legal highs? But psychotropic drugs are to be banned on April 4th in the UK oh hum, there are peeps who suffer from eds, ms etcetera that should have access to a simple plant like cannabis from their General Practitioners aka Doctor but that can’t happen until the classification is changed, right now I think it’s right up there with the seriously hard stuff. What is it they say? “It’s a Mad World”!.

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