So earlier I had managed to write in total just under one thousand words, they read well, seemed to be about all I could write without a coffee break, not being smart enough to save it was another of my problems.  I’d noticed items appearing in uncategorised and quickly read how to fix this, yes before the cup of coffee.  Only somewhere between changing the name from uncategorised, I lost the lot.  Yes every single word.  I’m not saying it was good, I’m just saying that I don’t think that I could write it again with easy sides for technophobes being a consideration.  I bet this saves just fine now I’ve added that for a temporary conclusion.  I’m going for a coffee.  I’m not going to try to do anything clever like delete some more! Like I’ve time to be non productive for starters! Duh?!


  1. Jerry,
    I have the impression that you’re succeeding,
    It’s nice to meet you to Jerry, I mean it really is. Somebody who isn’t trying to sell me anything oh and that reminds me.. I don’t think I’ve paid my wordpress subs for two years now Jerry, I know one was a free blog and I pay or should have paid a dollar or something for this one.

    I can see it now, I feel guilty about that. Maybe I should go for the premium plan or something because if I don’t it will start keeping me awake at night….
    Wooah Jeff don’t publish that bit if possible I’d hate for some of these really big corporations think that I’d pay them early because it’s not the same. WordPress do good so I feel like I want to pay my dues because it’s not.lokr they’ve hassled Mr and I’ve not had any notification until this weekend just gone so now it is Friday, I will do it today & yes Jeff I’ve written a pest it note and I’ve even asked Alexa to remind me too! Lmao

    How’s life, the universe and the last bacon and brown sauce nutty?

    On a much deeper note than that I’ve enjoyed the read, I have ticked follow haven’t I? Sometimes I forget and have to deal with the consequences.
    I somehow get the feeling that you’re succeeding and that the atmosphere that I imagine you create is a little like when it’s cold, snowing and dark outside but inside there’s warmth and all the things people do like, if there’s one thing people can’t help be interested in and that’s having a puzzle to think about, or maybe what it’s are getting.increasinhly interesting

    We like to think by nature but I think we must shop by nurture or something? I don’t know because I really do not enjoy shopping, not at all and I often put it off until I really need to Jerry and by then… er well – saved myself a small fortune haven’t I? Hehehe

    It’s lovely to meet you Jeff, and don’t forget to unwind, relax, kick your boots off and just let @ll your muscles relax. Oh ps I didn’t intend to throw a spanner in the works but I was just thinking ”What if Jeff’s hot an hlr in his sock and he’s forgotten about it?” Anyway have a relaxing and most tranquil …. Until I hear off you or checkout your blog again or if you’re checking out mine have a great day!.h
    karnashadows Blog


    1. H there rawgod, it’s Lynda actually, thanks for your reply, I think there’s only one thing worse and I think it’s losing a full post with about weeks reading on it with photos, I did it on a chromebook because my HDX Fire is now 4 years old, it’s out of of upgrades so it’s needing to be replaced, but still I managed t o lose the lot! Im a bit crushed but what can I do? Hehehe I guess there’s no point in moaning because it’s not positive nor is it constructive but it’s definitely taught me a lesson, I’ve got Pest it notes everywhere that say “SAVE IT!”, I’m hoping it will work. How goes A new Spirituality?


      1. Thanks for asking, Lynda. A New Spirituality is working fine for me. A paper record would be better, but an electronic one is better than nothing. If I ever get it right, I will look to put it on paper. I’m not trying to have a popular blog, just one that hopefully makes people think, and use their imaginations.
        Almost everything I write is based on two strange experiences I had back-to-back in my younger life, and trying to figure out what they actually meant. I like having a small audience, like a cozy get-together in my home.
        Losing posts is no fun, and I haven’t lost one in a while, but I still forget to hit the save button more than I would like. Certainly, there is no way to re-write one once it is gone, not that I have found. Things change so much just by changing or omitting one word. But I guess that is life.
        Nice to meet you.

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