Which I think we must all agree after the flood warnings and days if rain that we’ve had, does anyone else feel that our summer has been shorter this year?

Or are we starting to expect the same kind of summer that we had in 2018 when I think most of us must have felt as if we were melting at some point? It was declared another hottest day since records began but.. this year has been totally different.

In just two months time, day close to the end of October when it’s Halloween it will be dark by 3.30pm.in the afternoon. How soon the seasons pass. So why it’s still August Alexa as told me it will be fine tomorrow maybe with a drop of rain but more than likely sunny.. after saying that I hope it’s right.

Well it said a drop of rain, it didn’t mention needing wellies and a southwester jacket c/w inside out brolly in one hand… Just a drop? Yes sure! Never again lol