Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart News by a source within the social media giant.

The document, titled “Hate Agent Policy Review” outlines a series of “signals” that Facebook uses to determine if someone ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform. Those signals include a wide range of on- and off-platform behavior. If you praise the wrong individual, interview them, or appear at events alongside them, Facebook may categorize you as a “hate agent.” Facebook may also categorize you as a hate agent if you self-identify with or advocate for a “Designated Hateful Ideology,” if you associate with a “Designated Hate Entity” (one of the examples cited by Facebook as a “hate entity” includes Islam critic Tommy Robinson), or if you have “tattoos of hate symbols or hate slogans.” (The document cites no examples of these, but the media and “anti-racism” advocacy groups increasingly label innocuous items as “hate symbols,” including a cartoon frog and the “OK” hand sign.) Facebook will also categorize you as a hate agent for possession of “hate paraphernalia,” although the document provides no examples of what falls into this category. The document also says Facebook will categorize you as a hate agent for “statements made in private but later made public.” Of course, Facebook holds vast amounts of information on what you say in public and in private — and as we saw with the Daily Beast doxing story, the platform will publicize private information on their users to assist the media in hit jobs on regular American citizens. Breitbart News has already covered some of the individuals that Facebook placed on its list of potential “hate agents.” Paul Joseph Watson eventually was categorized as “hateful” and banned from the platform, in part, according to the document, because he praised Tommy Robinson and interviewed him on his YouTube channel. Star conservative pundit Candace Owens and conservative author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel were also on the list, as were British politiciansCarl Benjamin and Anne Marie Waters. How far does it Actually reach? karmashadows karma.wordpress.com covers this subject from the original article, to the “edits etc”.

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  1. Hi Lynda,
    Aside from not trusting Breibart News, I do not trust Facebook either. This is why I stay off either site. I am happy with WP.
    By the way, I tried to reply to your comment today, but the comments were closed, so could not. But thank you for asking after me. I am not feeling the best of late, so have been avoiding my own blog for the nonce. I cannot trust myself to say what I mean, I keep losing words and not finding them. Although English is my first language, it is easy to use a wrong word and mess up one’s intention. So probably I won’t write there until I am feeling better, though do not put those words in stone. I have some ideas stirring which might birth at any time.
    Hopefully all is well with you.


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