It is typically one of those days upon which anything and everything that.can happen will happen,this would not normally even bother me. What does bother me and make me call it ‘one of those days’ is only because I prefer to have some control which is not an option. So far the morning is proving to be quite a challenge with everything that could possibly go wrong doing exactly that!.
Everything that should have arrived by eight this morning will now not arrive before two. The appointment made months ago as just been cancelled at the last moment. The paint that I had professionally mixed to make sure that it would be the exact shade is I found after prying the lid off the first tin not only the wrong shade, it’s a totally different colour altogether!. Oh and my quarterly gas and electric bill just landed on the mat along with a bank statement and the expected quota of junk mail. My concentration may not be up to standard but luckily my patience is… just about. This morning I had hoped to enjoy time experimenting with different media on a selection of textiles, this is something I will need to know about so that I can write a line or two on the subject a minor character I may not even include can be spoken about with sone modicum of experience. I’ve spoken to people about the subject. I’ve read books on it, I just need it to be without any doubt. I do hope that I find time later today. I do not plan my days with military precision in fact I enjoy a limited amount of organised chaos. I like to believe that there is always a choice, it is better when you are aware of all the available options don’t you think. I’ve written this ‘blog’ and it will probably sound like a full on moan – not an impression that I would like to give. I don’t mind being honest about my faults although in this case writing my first blog and having to use my mobile has just added to the silliness of the day. The fresh unconcontrated orange juice I’ve just poured for myself is absolutely delicious, the light rain outside spreading out into the trees and the whole of this beautiful vista really do make me smile. As for “one of those days” well we all have them, days were everything is beyond your control, the unexpected is guaranteed to happen and the expected certainly will not happen. I think I’ll just roll with it, the mess that is! My first blog may be the longest, most boring, grammar free item/thing that I’ve ever written, although considering I wasn’t expecting to be doing a blog thismorning, if I’d any notice I would obviously opted to use a full size keyboard with the prerequisite comfortable chair. Nevermind – it’s only going to be saved as a draft, (she says with a cheeky laugh).