Okay, firstly I have a bet on the last topic above and i can’t afford lunch every day fir a week, so prove you’re has mellow as I think you are? Did I say it wasn’t my um well point of view necessarily but you’re obviously right.  Anyway… I do agree and I’ve explained we don’t want our troops having to be called in, why should they die? He’s a big boy he can make a call? Or have a lackey do it? Oh well.

Our troops don’t get enough support when they come home, it can be a lot to deal with but we’re not singing their praises and thanking them for protecting us “Why?”.

Some other stuff, oh and who’s into ecommerce and drop shipping? Background info (that’s what I tell people 😱).

I felt I could do better so wanted to do with this site as I’m not running anyones adverts I can take simple payments. Use links etc and Id already asked if a a talented group of people who i hoped would contribute – like I’ve said I dont mind links being used just dont undercut my prices LOL

Seriously I need “Fiesty Honest Opinions”? about what bothers you or what you love to share, we have I think we have a current family rating and I’d like to keep it . so the below is an idea

But right now i thought that why i have time i could mention this.
Its just an idea, any feedback?
Regards lynda@karmashadow.com

Note, Those views shown are not necessarily my own, I can’t agree with everything?  Well not unless I say so and I’m happy to admit my own writing “allegedly” – love that word it offers universal protection for nothing I don’t think? Anyone clear this up for me and next I need someone who knows about cryptocurrencies to write an easy to understand guide, I’m sure there are lots of great writers with time to spare, and yes I’m aware that some stuff got turned off by accident, maybe some comments? Apologies I will try to sort it as soon as possible.

I’m wondering what opinionated man an angel would say? Or what No Talent For Certainty would say? He’s another Angel, but thankfully I’m no politician? I may have got it wrong, but both very balanced when it comes to pov, just wear the cotton wool mittens hehehe regards, Lynda

Have a beautifully tranquil eve & a lovely weekend.

E & O. E accepted.