16th January 2020.  So I guess I should say this now friends Happy New Year and happy but belated holiday wishes. Yes I should've got to this earlier and possibly more wit? but I am sorry because I've had to multitask recently and it was a little harder than the usually stirring a coffee whilst catching the morning news & Juggling only a few other things but I'm back now, so firstly here's a comment because we should be concerned? "On if President Trump will write his own deal? Rather than complain about the Obama deal being full of holes. Please hope he'll take the advice of our Prime minister Boris Johnson and make the "Trump Deal"?, I said you'd prolly laugh and take it how it was meant.  Okay are you all with me so far?  If you are, I've missed you folks so much.  

Okay, firstly I have a bet on the last topic above and i can’t afford lunch every day fir a week, so prove you’re has mellow as I think you are? Did I say it wasn’t my um well point of view necessarily but you’re obviously right.  Anyway… I do agree and I’ve explained we […]